Who am I?

In the context of the human spirit, that question is not an easy one to answer. On the outside, I’m a dynamic woman – full of life. I engage in a lot of activities. I’m an avid cyclist and traveler, love nature in all its perfection, and I seek out new interests that keep me acting like a curious child. On the inside I strive to live by the three C’s – creativity, courage, and compassion. I delight in empowering others to thrive as I have been able to. Creatively, I’ve been known to provide a keen insight – to find a new way or new perspective. I sense an understanding of different viewpoints and have the courage to give a voice to distinctive ideas, and listen and observe with compassion.

Above all, I believe in finding the potential within each person or idea and in the fairness and inclusivity, or ohana, remembering that we are bound together on this planet like a spider’s web interconnecting us as we journey through this life. It’s Community (another C). Wikipedia describes community as any social unit that shares common values—a cohesiveness. From the Old French, comunete is a term for fellowship, and in a broader sense, a connection that extends beyond immediate genealogical ties. I feel this is an important part of our soul selves and that we are missing many opportunities to be truly alive in the world from the strength of our Community.

I’m starting this blog to explore the potential of my creative side now and find that blogging helps me move beyond my hesitation; let’s face it, my procrastination. Through this blog want to open a new Community with like-minded individuals to share stories, thoughts and fellowship – from spiritual insights, creative endeavors, and new experiences as we journey through life. As in nature, things are subject to constant growth and change and so as this blog develops, the focus may change and grow with the engagement Community members. I welcome those who connect to the vital empowerment, creativity, respect, courage, adventure, and compassion that come from this new Community.

Who’s with me?


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